Wachusett Recording Session

by Zack Slik

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A collection of songs written by Zack Slik and recorded at Wachusett Recording Studio for a live audience.

The Wachusett Session Story:

When I started talking to Mike Harmon about what I wanted to convey with this new album he suggested having a live performance recorded at Wachusett Recording Studio. There we would be able to capture the energy of a live performance as well as the subtle differences that songs can take on when they are performed for an audience, but still have the control of the studio equipment.
Our night was booked and I set out to invite a group of friends who had some connection to how I make music. These were either as band mate, venue owner, someone I had the great fortune to meet through making music or friend.
Drinks and food were shared as folks arrived and began to get comfortable in their surroundings. As it became time to record, we all packed into the studio, for a one of a kind performance. The songs were all recorded in a single take, as it would have been with a live show. (There are two exceptions, There Was Music Played is a take 2, and Whiskey & Water is from later session for the Brother Zack Sister Helen Ep.)
Half of the songs were recorded, then a brief intermission to reset the tape. Then the second half of the set was captured. Having the crowd in the room really added to keeping the energy high in the music.


released April 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Zack Slik Worcester, Massachusetts

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Track Name: I Want To Go
I Want To Go: Guitar
I want to go, I want to get out of here. I want to go. Let’s hit the road. I want to go I want to get out of here, I want to go, I want to go, let’s hit the road.
What I need, is a change of scene. Go some place that I’ve never been. Don’t have to be all that far away, just something I don’t see every day.
When I left work, was in the middle of the night. You were waiting with a plan that seemed right. Go to the coast, we’re goin’ to watch the sun rise. Daylight come there ain’t no sleeping in these eyes.
Track Name: When I Fall Into Your Eyes Of Blue
When I Fall Into Your Eyes Of Blue: Guitar
Tonight my ship might be sinkin’, I feel that cold water all around. Tomorrow the city might catch fire, going to watch my house burn all to the ground.
Baby you know that it’s true, want to spend my time with you. Fall into your eyes of blue, when I’m with you, when I’m with you.
Black cats may cross all before you. And it’s true that you lost your lucky charm. Rain clouds fallin’ down upon you, everyone you know just means you harm.
Track Name: Blackeyed Suzans
Blackeyed Suzans: Banjolin
Blackeyed Suzans on the side of, side of the highway. Oh yes the guide me home, yes the guide me all the way back home.
Bright yellow flowers, all in bunches down the bankin’ off my exit home. Down the bankin’ off my exit home.
My gal is waiting, waiting for me down that highway, where the blackeyed suzans grow. Waiting for me where the flowers grow
Wear that flower, that I gave you, bright yellow flower. Won’t you wear it in your hair, when I come home I’m going to see it there.
Track Name: Across Town
Across Town: Guitar
Across town she listened to records, from that bedside table. Across town he listened to records, heard them all on his stereo.
There’s something in the way, that this old cold rain. Makes me want to find you and go out walking. Something in the way that this old cold rain makes me want to find you and go out walking, go out walking again tonight.
In the morning, she’s gone working. In that café making coffee. Night falls he’s gone working. In the kitchen for his pay.
Now together they listen to records at night while they’re sleeping. And the music keeps on playing holds them together while they’re dreaming.
Track Name: I Love You More Than Fatback In My Beans
Love You More Than Fatback In My Beans: Banjitar / Kazoo
I love you more, every day it seems. I love you more than the fatback in my beans.
You’ve got me, and I’ve got you. That’s what it’s all about. When I’m right next to you it makes me want to shout!
We go walking hand in hand. It does me just fine. Come over here sweet girl, and put your lips on mine.
Track Name: Drunkard's Dance
Drunkard’s Dance: Mandolin / Harmonica
I reek like booze, and I’m bound to lose. All that whiskey is coursing through my veins. Like a still I smell and I’m bound for Hell, This time I think I’m going to lose my brain. I do that drunkard’s dance, homeward I am bound.
My luck has been bad, and this bottle is all I’ve had. You know that good rye whiskey is so sweet and smooth. Ain’t no friend by my side no place to go and hide. For this rough soul I’m just trying to sooth. But I do that drunkard’s dance homeward I am bound.
My legs are weak and I can barely speak. The room is spinning right in from of my eyes. Those street lights shine, I’m out of time. Like to get home before the sun’s up in the sky. I’ll do that drunkard’s dance homeward I am bound.
By the end of the night you know I must get right. I’m walking home when I’m leaving here. All the whiskey is gone, sang all my songs, what’s happening ain’t always clear. I do that drunkard’s dance homeward I am bound.
Track Name: Midnight Freight Train
Midnight Freight Train: Banjo
Lights in the city not a star in the sky, lights in the city not a star in the sky.
Midnight freight train goes creeping on by.
Hear that old diesel engine whining low, hear that old diesel engine whining low.
Going to hear that lonesome whistle when she blow.
That old freight train carries a heavy load, that old freight train carries a heavy load.
That engineer has got a long a lonesome road.
Hear that train just smoking round the bend, I hear that train just smokin’ round the bend.
Rolling through the lonesome mill town once again
Track Name: Steamroller Blues
Steamroller Blues: Banjolin / Harmonica
Steamroller, steamroller, steamroller night and day /Had I not been steamrolling, might have got outside today
I like my bourbon much more I like my rye/ If I don’t quit steamrolling I’ll lay down and die
Early in the morning ‘fore the break of day/ I let that steamroller blow my blues away.
Steamroller, steamroller, ain’t it a crying shame/ been steamrolling so long I don’t remember my name
Track Name: Long Dirt Road
Long Dirt Road: Guitar
Going down that lonesome road, going down that long dirt road,
My heart is a heavy load. Whoa, whoa, whoa
There’s an emptiness in my soul, way down that deep dark hole
There’s an emptiness in my soul, whoa, whoa, whoa
Don’t know where I’m bound to go, Just keep going down that old dirt road.
Don’t know what’s ahead of me, As I head into another city
There’s an evilness in the town, feel the darkness working around,
There’s an evilness in the town. Whoa, whoa, whoa
Pack your bags we’re leaving town, not going to be hanging around
Pack your bags we’re leaving town Whoa, whoa, whoa
Track Name: Late At Night My Darlin'
Late at Night Darlin’: Banjo
It’s late at night my darling, it’s late at night my dear,
It’s late at night my darling, I wish what you were here.
The moon is caught high in the branches, Someone must set it free
It casts a pale a hollow glow, through the window down on me
It’s late at night my darling, it’s late at night my dear
It’s late at night my darling, I wish that you were near
Track Name: The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse: Guitar
Like a lighthouse in the harbor, guiding ships home from the sea,
When I come home late in the evening I see that light you left for me.
If you love someone leave that light on, when they’re out to roam,
If you love someone leave that light on, light will guide them back home
Coming home late this evening and that highway it was bare,
when I step up to our front door I see the light in the window there.
I’ve been gone for so long, and I wanted to you to know,
just how much it means to me, when I see the light in our window
Track Name: Silent & Still
Silent & Still: Guitar
In an empty parking lot, we stopped to say goodnight,
you put your arms around me, we held each other tight.
Looked into your eyes, you looked into mine,
and kissed me softly, I won’t forget the time.
Kisses sweet as honey, now I won’t forget what you told me,
standing outside the mill, the rest of the world, silent and still.
Drove home smiling, I lay in my bed,
thoughts of the evening, playback in my head
wish I could go back, and stay there again,
In your arms so tightly I wish it’d never end.
Track Name: There Was Music Played
There Was Music Played: Banjo
There was music played, and the sound it was made of the late night celebration.
Songs were sung by one and everyone, and we danced along through the night.
In that old dive bar, a back porch and stars, a meadow lit up by the moon,
Stories and songs, were shared all night long, always we go home too soon.
When you’re next to a friend, the good time won’t end,
Watch the sun come up through the trees,
One by one everybody will move on, like a bird gone upon the breeze.
Track Name: Whiskey & Water (Brother Zack Sister Helen version)
Whiskey & Water: Guitar (featuring Helen Beaumont)
Bartender hollered last call, now it’s time to go,
when they turn the house lights up, everybody moves slow.
It’s whiskey and water, one more for the road. Call me a taxi, before I go.
The street lights shine down upon the empty streets below, you can’t stay here don’t have to go home.
They’re wiping down tables, stacking the chairs,
And kicking out the stragglers left there.
It’s whiskey and water, one more for the road, Pour me one last drink before I go.
The streetlights shine down upon the empty streets below. You can’t stay here don’t have to go home
The doors have been locked tight. Now it’s turn out the lights. The broken hearted fools back tomorrow night.
It’s whiskey and water. One more for the road. Pour me one last drink before I go.
The streetlights shine down upon that empty streets below. You can’t stay here. Nowhere left to go.